Triënnale Hasselt:


The Hasselt Triennial is a dynamic art project for contemporary arts, fashion and design, and all possible relations between them.

The Triennial takes place in the city of Hasselt. The whole city becomes the stage but the culture houses serve as the central locations. The project has international ambitions and addresses Flanders, the Euregion and international art and culture lovers. At set times, the Triennial project focuses on the interaction and the confrontation between art and applied arts, how they influence and feed each other and whether it is sense or nonsense to consider them as separate worlds. The confrontation or the connection between both worlds is the starting point for a range of exhibitions and will be expounded through an elaborate educational programme with lectures and workshops and in a catalogue. Through its high-quality and diverse mix of contemporary visual arts and applied arts (fashion & design), the Triennial presents a platform for both young and upcoming regional artists and big names from the national and international art, fashion and design world. The main title “SUPER!”, which accompanies each new edition of the Triennial, stands for quality and enthusiasm. The first edition of Super! was a great success and put Hasselt on the artistic map of Flanders. The 2nd edition under the title of ‘SuperStories’ takes place from February 7 until May 10, 2009.

Reineke Otten calls herself a streetologist, referring on the one hand to the environment which provides her with inspiration and information, and to the scientific methodology with which she undertakes her projects on the other hand. By collecting (a whole lot of) data she maps out sociological situations, phenomena, and evolutions.


Source: Superstories.